Hello airsofters

Airsoft Action Field is stocking up! Below we have a few links to our inventory. The lancer PDW, M4 RIS, M4 commando (or m733 ) L96A1. Tested and proven, these weapons hit hard and don’t break the wallet. We will have an in-depth look at them later this week. Until then check out our links.

Raffle update:  As of 25 AUG 2015 we have 4 entries. So be sure to fill out the contact info for your chance to win.

Links to our products:





L96 A1

AK 47

Hello Airsofters!


Airsoft Action Field is happy to bring airsoft to Sussex County, DE. If you play airsoft or want to start playing, AAF is your go to dealer! We have a variety of weapons, accessories, and supplies to accommodate any player. Airsoft Action Field is also working hard on bringing an airsoft field to this county, and needs your support! In the meantime, we have an airsoft raffle coming up where you could win a full size JG AK-47 once we have 150 contacts.

Until then, follow us on Instagram at Airsoft Action Field and to find our products click – here.

Stay tuned for raffle info by filling out the form below, and welcome to Airsoft Action Field! (must pick up raffle prize in person)

Now that you are entered, take the time to answer a few short questions!