One & Done Series: Goggles

Hello airsofters, today we are not doing a DIY, instead we are doing a what to buy article. We are going to look at the simple things every real airsoft player needs. I call this the “One & Done” because once you own one of these items you wont need to buy another one.


First up goggles!

Eye pro, face masks, safety glasses, or goggles are some of the different names that you might have heard, but in the end they all do the same thing. They protect your eyes! Your eyes are made of vitreous humour, which long story short is like a  gel. The vitreous humour is a transparent, colorless, gelatinous mass that fills the space in the eye between the lens and the retina.

What does this mean for you? Well it’s simple, if you take a direct hit from an AEG to the eye it will burst.

foam incerts
Foam inserts
basic face mask
Basic face mask

At the top of the list is the classic face mask.

The Good: It protects your eyes, face and ears with very little exposure.

The Bad: 1) Have you ever used a full face mask and tried to use your sights or red dot? If so, then you know that the whole mask will move once your cheek meets the gun. The solution to this is to take a knife and cut out the right cheek (or the left if you are left handed). 2)  Communication. Have you ever tried to talk to your team in a full face mask? You can hear yourself, but unfortunately you will be the only one hearing it because the mask will muffle what you are trying to say. 3) Receiving Communications. Simply put it is harder to hear your opponents gun fire and their movement, as well as your movement through the landscape. If you play at an indoor field then this is a critical area that you don’t want to miss out on. 4) Foam. Not all, but most full face masks have foam near the eyes which if you are sweating, the lenses will fog up.

Are you too beautiful to take a face hit? Well don’t give up yet, pro-goggles makes a face mask ($40) with a soft face foam so you can use your sights. They also have a built in fan to help your lenses from fogging. This at least solves 2 out of the 3 problems  you will have and you wont have to take a face hit.

basic safety glasses
basic safety glasses

Next up is safety glasses.

The Good: 1) they’re cheap, usually about $5~$9 at a hardware store. 2) communication is not a problem with these and neither is hearing. 3) you can use any sights with ease.

The Bad: 1) you will be protected from direct hits to the lens however you may be shot from the side. BB’s travel fast and in airsoft they usualy travel in mobs of 20~30 rounds at 350+FPS. If you are just shooting around by your self in your back yard then these will do the trick but as far as protection in a game goes, don’t risk it. 2) covers very little of your face.

Lancer tactical frame less googles
Lancer tactical frame less goggles

Next up is full seal goggles.

The Good: 1) Cheap. I sell them for $12. 2) Protection. They are full seal so you will not have to worry about incoming BB’s from any direction. The frame less lenses also help to keep the fog down and have the added bonus of being changeable. So after they get scratched up, just change the lenses out for a fresh one. 3) You can use any sights. From iron sights to red dots and scopes these goggles will allow you to aim at your targets unhindered. 4) Communication is all natural, meaning that you are able to speak and hear normally.

The Bad: 1) They wont protect your face, but if necessary you can use a bandana to cover your mouth which are cheap, and will barely muffle anything you say.

To sum it all up for $12~$40 you can have excellent protection for your face and eyes. Once you buy just one pair you really don’t need another pair. On a personal note I have had my frameless goggles for the last 6 years and they still work great. I first got them at $25 and now the same pair sells for less than half of that. The key thing to take away from all of this is you cant actually see with a glass eye.

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accessories: Lancer Tactical Frame Less Goggles , .20 BB’s

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Sniper rifle: Lancer L96

Next Level AK Upgrade

Have you ever looked at your AK and wanted that real wood look but you didn’t buy the real wood version? Its ok, today AAF is going to show you how to do an AK paint upgrade. So if you have some free time, and about $20 lets get right into it.

Before you start you will need the following items: airsoft AK-47 (we sell them), black spray paint, clear spray paint, 80 grit and 400 grit sand paper, a screw driver, small zip lock bags, cardboard to spray paint on, and a small blow torch (optional).

Step 1: Start by removing the base plate from the gun stock. Next remove the screws from the stock that hold it to the body, one on the top and two on the under side. Now place them in a zip lock bag labeled stock. Now slowly pull the stock away from the body.

unscrewing stock screws

Next, remove the screw at the base of the pistol grip, then place it in a separate zip lock bag labeled grip screw. Now move to the ramrod and remove it. To do this just pull it away from the barrel and then pull forward.

removing the ramrod

Once it is out just place it to the side. Now remove the screw at the center of the gas tube then place in a zip lock bag labeled gas tube.

remove the small screw from the gas tube

Now slide the gas tube towards the front sight. This will release the top of the hand guard.

slide the gas tube towards the front sight

Now slide the lower metal plate holding the hand grip forward. This will let you take off the lower hand grip.

Now that you have all of your parts off the gun, begin sanding them with the 80 grit sand paper. Just a light sand of the parts so that the paint will stick evenly.

OPTIONAL: Use the small blow torch to add defects like wood knots to make it look more realistic. Small blasts of about 3 seconds each on the same spot will do the trick. The parts may light on fire if you blow torch them for too long so keep it short, if they do catch on fire, blow them out quickly.

image1 (1)
optional blow torch distressing
example of blow torching the front fore grip

Once you complete this you are now ready to sand. In the picture below are the sanded parts.

*Key tip: Use some paper towels to wipe off any and all excess dust.

image1 (2)
completed parts after sanding

Next, place your parts on the cardboard and space them out evenly. Place the stock and the grip on their side then place the fore grips so that they stand up.  Now start shaking your black spray paint. After about 5 full minutes start by spraying off to the side to get your aim down. I added a picture of how your spray should look. Not too shiny because that means you are over spraying. You want it to look like the top circle in the picture.

Now your ready to start spraying. Spray them evenly.

Time to play the waiting game and let your parts dry completely.

The best bet is to go inside and watch two or three episodes of Attack On Titan or your favorite show. Wait about an hour before you test the dryness of the parts. When you are ready just flip the grip and stock and then paint and wait again.

image3 (1)
spray paint set-up and placement
image4 (1)
testing spray paint aim, top circle is correct
image5 (1)
spray painting the stock
spray painting the stock continued

Almost done!

Now grab some 80 grit sand paper and lightly remove some black paint. Once you start seeing the original plastic wood move on to the next area.

*Key tip: lightly sand your parts, you don’t want to take off too much paint

lightly sanding with 80 grit
example of finished 80 grit sanding

Now that you are getting close to the original plastic wood switch to the 400 grit sand paper and sand the parts to your liking.

switch to 400 grit sanding
examples after 400 grit sanding

Now it’s time to paint. Just do the same thing as last time using your clear coat this time.

All done? Time to re-assemble!

Start with the front first then work your way to the back.

First up the lower fore grip. Place the lower fore grip in place then slide the small metal bracket back to hold it in place.

Now the top fore grip, place it in position and slide the gas tube back to hold it in place. Now use the screw in the bag labeled gas tube and screw it in. Lastly reinsert the ram rod under the barrel.

reassemble the fore grip, bottom first
reassemble the top fore grip

Now move to the rear of the gun and place the stock back onto the body of the gun. Use the screws in the bag labeled stock.

Lastly place the grip back in place then use the screw labeled grip.

screw in the rear stock

All done!

As you can see in the side by side picture below, this upgrade makes your AK a little darker and it also takes away that plastic shine giving it a more rough and realistic look. If you tried the small blow torch option on your AK you will have a truly custom look on your weapon. Thanks for reading, and remember to sign up at the bottom of the page for the raffle and take the 3 question survey.

original AK 47
Painted AK 47
side by side, before and after

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Airsoft Action Field is going viral

Hello Airsofters! This week we have added twitter to our line up of social media. We can be found @airsoftaf . This addition will make it easier to follow us with updates and special news. Speaking of special news, we are up to 12 entries in the raffle. No news for the airsoft beta field yet but follow us on twitter for any new updates. Airsoft Action Field is also on instagram, just look to the right of this post to see our live instagram updates.

thumbs up

Now a special thanks to all the raffle entries. So thank you and good luck in the raffle. If you want to be in the drawing to win a free airsoft AK-47 just sign up at the bottom of the page and be sure to take the quick survey right after. The sooner we get to 150 entries, the sooner we can give away a prize.

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Airsoft Field In Delaware?

AAF is working on a Beta Airsoft field in Delaware. It’s a little like fight club, underground, off the map, and you must get invited to play. When we are ready to play we will only have about 12 spots open to players. If you live in Delaware and you want to play, just sign up for the raffle at the bottom of the page. Just like the raffle we will pick players at random. We are working on the field and we will have pictures as soon as we are ready to play.

Q: What days will we play?

A: The field and player size are very small so if we get a majority of players to agree on a specific day then we will play that day of the week.

Q: But I work on that day, how do I play?

A: Don’t quit on us yet, as soon as we get 150 players signed up we will go to the county and get permission to open up a full time field for airsofters.

Q: I don’t have an airsoft gun what do I do if I get invited?

A: We will have rentals for new players who do not have their own gun.

So enter the raffle and get a free AK, a chance to enter to play at the Beta Airsoft field, and get 1 step closer to a full size Airsoft Field in Delaware.

Raffle update, we are up to 8.