Airsoft Field In Delaware?

AAF is working on a Beta Airsoft field in Delaware. It’s a little like fight club, underground, off the map, and you must get invited to play. When we are ready to play we will only have about 12 spots open to players. If you live in Delaware and you want to play, just sign up for the raffle at the bottom of the page. Just like the raffle we will pick players at random. We are working on the field and we will have pictures as soon as we are ready to play.

Q: What days will we play?

A: The field and player size are very small so if we get a majority of players to agree on a specific day then we will play that day of the week.

Q: But I work on that day, how do I play?

A: Don’t quit on us yet, as soon as we get 150 players signed up we will go to the county and get permission to open up a full time field for airsofters.

Q: I don’t have an airsoft gun what do I do if I get invited?

A: We will have rentals for new players who do not have their own gun.

So enter the raffle and get a free AK, a chance to enter to play at the Beta Airsoft field, and get 1 step closer to a full size Airsoft Field in Delaware.

Raffle update, we are up to 8.