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Hello Airsofters!

Today we are going to show you how to upgrade your M4 to a metal body. If you follow our instagram you will see custom engraved guns. From custom engraved pistols to engraved metal bodies for M4 / M16’s. Well today we will show you how. Yes this will cost you a good amount of money by the time you are done but it will add a great amount of value to the gun itself. It will also get rid of the dreaded M4/m16 barrel wobble. The whole project should only take about 1 hour. Before you get started, take your metal body off of your gun and or hand gun all the way down to just the body. Then take it to the mall and go to “things remembered” in the mall. They will engrave it for you, just remember to tell them its for a toy and not a real gun. They charge you per image and word and have a set up fee that was like $16. The total for this gun to be engraved was $5 per word $9 for the image and $16 for the set up($30). The metal body was $65.

To get started you will need these items:  M4, fresh engraved M4 metal body, long screwdriver, tiny screwdrivers, allen wrench (not for all models ), channel lock pliers or M16 tool, sandwich bags, and a radio.


Step 1) Start with the stock by removing the adjustable shoulder pad. To do this simply pull down on the leaver as shown in the picture. Now slide it all the way off.


Step 2) Remove the small screw at the end of the buffer tube as shown in the picture.


Step 3) Remove the cover plate and place in a sandwich bag along with the small screw. Now get your long cross tip screw driver(Phillips) and remove the screw inside the buffer tube. Once removed slide off the buffer tube then remove the metal plate at the back of the body then also place in the sandwich bag.


Step 4) Now move to the grip and remove the 2 screws on the bottom then place in a separate sandwich bag.


Step 5) Now disconnect the red and black wire. Now lift the motor. Now place the motor in the bag. Now the next 2 screws are a little tricky. Use a magnetic screwdriver and remove the 2 screws at the base of the grip, then place in the sandwich bag. Using a magnetic tip will help hold on to the screws so they don’t fall into the mech box. If they do fall it is a pain in the butt to get them out. If you do drop them just wait until you have the whole mech box out then pull out the screws with a pair of fine tweezers or just shake them out.


Step 6)  Now remove the mag catch lever, just unscrew the small screw and the whole assembly will come out, then place in sandwich bag. Now remove the fore grip and disconnect the wire harness/fuse then set aside or in a sandwich bag.


Step 7) Now remove the 3 body pins. starting with the small pin in the center of your body. Now remove the rear pin then the front pin. Place them in a sandwich bag.


Step 8) Now slowly slide the top receiver from the lower receiver about half way then stop. Now pull the charging handle back a little then slowly tip the lower receiver down and away from the top. There is a tiny nub of metal that gets caught  on the charging handle so just take it slow. Also the wires should come out nice and easy So don’t pull the receivers apart too fast.


Step 9) Now that the lower receiver is separated remove the mech box from it. (TIP) Tip the mech box forward then up and out of the body. Now just drop it in your new Metal body then set aside.


Step 10) Now slide out the hop up/barrel. Remember to do this operation slowly so that you don’t lose the small spring at the top of the Hop up unit. This is super important.


Step 11) Take the upper receiver and remove the barrel nut. To do this remove the hand grip ring and spring, this will free up the nut. Now use either the M16 tool (shown below ) or a pair of channel lock pliers. I used the M16 tool and I used the section of the tool with 3 teeth(shown in the picture below). Just turn it counter clock wise then unscrew it by hand. Once off just transfer it to the new upper receiver. Now screw on the barrel nut and tighten with M16 tool or pliers.


Step 12) Once your barrel is attached to the new upper receiver, just add your inner barrel/hop up unit to it. To do this place the spring on the unit and stand it up. Now lower the upper receiver onto the barrel. This method will help you keep the spring in place.


Step 13) Now marry the upper and lower receiver together. Simply slide the lower receiver in the upper receiver from back to front. Now stop half way (as shown below )


Step 14 ) Place the wires under the hop up and through the barrel nut. Do this before completely sliding the lower receiver into place. This may prove a little tricky, if so just use some tweezers to help the wires through. Once through, slide the lower receiver into place.


Step 15) Now add the body pins starting with the front pin. Now the small in the center of the body and then the large pin in the rear.


Step 16) Now add the pistol grip. Place the red wire in the front wire hole then the black in the rear wire hole then slide forward to the body. Now add the 2 screws at the base of the grip.


Step 17) Now orient the wires so that that are at the rear of the grip and not blocking the motor hole in the center ( as shown in the picture below) Now drop in the motor. Now place the black wire on the motor post first and then the red wire because the red is longer. Once complete place the motor plate back on with the 2 small screws. Now attach your wire/fuse harness and test your gun. If it doesn’t work you probably placed the wires on the wrong post. It happens. I did it while I was writing this post.


Step 18) Now just add the small metal plate at the base of the buffer tube then add the buffer tube. Use your long screw driver and add on the long screw. Now add the small cover plate and small screw. And lastly add your stock.


Step 19) Now take lots of pics and tell us at how you did and what you got engraved. Enjoy!

Special announcement. This week we will be at 911 airsoft sports on 31 OCT 2015 from 1000 to 1500. We will be highlighting local teams and their load outs on next weeks post! So get in on the action and we’ll see you there.

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Un Fuse DIY

Hello Airsofters, sorry for the delay, I was having computer trouble this week and couldn’t up load pictures. Now its all fixed, so lets get to it. Today AAF is going to show you how to remove the fuse from your AEG. Why you ask, well a for starters its useless unless your running a 12V or higher battery pack. Secondly if your are in battle and your fuse breaks under the heat, you are now weapon less. This DIY will barely dent your wallet at about $3 and take about 15 minutes. If you end up buying some wire crimpers they will tack on about another $6. Today I will be removing the fuse from one of my M4’s. I have a 9.6V butter fly pack and stuffing it all in the fore grip is a pain in the butt. Removing the fuse in this case will also give me some more room to fit it in with ease.

This is what you will need. Crimpers, wire connectors and an AEG.
This is what you will need. Crimpers, wire connectors and an AEG.

Step 1) Locate and remove. Just find out where it is, in some cases like the AK-47 or M16 it will be easier to remove the stock and then begin the DIY.


Step 2) Clip.   For this step just use your wire clippers to cut off the ends of the fuse. Try to save as much wire as possible.


Step 3) Trim. Now using your wire clippers trim off some of the wire coating. to do this place the wire in the opening if the clippers marked 18-22 gauge. Now close them, now slide away from the rest of the wire. This will expose the wire underneath. You should have about a Quarter inch worth of it showing.


Step 4) Crimping. Now twist the ends of the wire clock wise to being them to a point. This will help you down the road for the next part. Now place the wire in the connector until it does not go any further. Now take your crimpers and place them at the base if the connector where it comes to a tapper and squeeze. It should flatten out like a pancake. Now just repeat for the other side.


Step 5) Reassemble. Now put it back together and test it out. Some times you may need to crimp the connector near the to help out the power flow. I did it so I could have a good solid connection.


Step 6) Enjoy! Yes, go play and tell us how it worked out. Also take lots of pick and post them on instgram and FB and Tag so we can keep bringing you more DIY’s. Also send us some comments, tell us what you think and what you want to know about. Hey by the way thanks for reading.

Quick update

Hello airsofters, Just a quick update. No new DIY this week because I am still working on it and I don’t want to do a 2 part post. We do other news to talk about tho. SB199 passed, having said that we will probably see the rise in metal body sells and other after market parts. Just like the orange tips that are required at the time of sell, what you do after that is all up to you. So far in Delaware nothing has changed with airsoft gun requirements, witch is great.

Delaware airsoft game coming up on 31 OCT 2015. It will be at 911 paint ball and airsoft supplies.

Now for the raffle update, we are at 30! We are almost there.

$10 DIY you gotta try

Hello airsofters today we have an easy DIY that give your weapon a bright new look. It only takes about $10 and about 1 hour of some free time. You will need nevr-dull, latex gloves, a cleaning rod, paper towels and your favorite chrome airsoft pistol.

This is what you will need.
This is what you will need.

If you are wondering what nevr-dull is then you are not in the Navy or Coast Guard. It is used to polish various metal surfaces. its easy to uses and it is cheap. I got this can on amazon for $6.50. If you are thinking of using other polishes like brasso, they don’t work as fast or as well.

Now lets get started, first disassemble your pistol down to the chrome parts so that you can polish them. for this DIY I am polishing the outer barrel, the inner barrel and the guide rod.


Now its time to put on your gloves, don’t skip this step or your hands will smell like wet nickels for hours and soap will not clean it off. Now pop the top off the Nevr-dull and rip off a small chunk of the cloth.


Now simply just rub the cloth on the parts you wish to polish. As you rub the barrel the parts will start to become cloudy.

IMG_8835 IMG_8836

Once the part is covered in the polish you can now wipe it off with paper towels. This will uncover the shin of your peace’s

After polishing one time

Now just repeat until the barrel is completely polished

After polishing it 2 times
After polishing it 2 times

Now time for the inside of the inner barrel. Take a small peace of nevr-dull cloth and roll it in between your fingers so that they come to a point. Now pass it half way threw your cleaning rod.


It is hard to see inside the inner barrel because my iphone is not the greatest but in this picture it is dirty.


After you polish the inside of your barrel remove the nevr-dull cloth from the cleaning rod. Cut a small peace of paper towel about half inch by 2 inches long. Now fold in half then pass threw the cleaning rod and clean out the polish. you may need to change out the paper towel peace once of twice to get out all the polish. It took me 2 peace’s to completely clean out my barrel.

IMG_8843 IMG_8844

You will now have a polished and perfectly smooth inner barrel.

Polished inner barrel
Polished inner barrel

Now you can move onto the outer barrel. Just as you did before tear off a small peace of nevr-dull and begin to polish the outer barrel. Once complete clean off the polish with paper towels. This will take several cycles of polishing and cleaning.


Once your barrel is complete you can remove on to any other parts you have to polish. Below are the before and after pictures of the parts after they have been polished.


Last step. Carefully reassembly your gun. When you are finished just take a few minutes and take 1000 pictures and post them on instagram, then tag DIY DONE!


Now on to this weeks raffle update. Before we get to that Airsoftactionfield was contacted by an airsofter named Josh. He posted about us on facebook and over night we have tons of views. After that we were got 11 sign ups for the raffle we even got more people to take the poll and even more people joined our instagram. So here’s a special thanks to Josh and his airsoft team. Thank you for your support. Thumbs up to josh. As we say in the Coast Guard “bravo Zulu”.


Raffle update: We are up to 29 entry’s. Keep up the great work and spread the word. Thanks Josh!