$10 DIY you gotta try

Hello airsofters today we have an easy DIY that give your weapon a bright new look. It only takes about $10 and about 1 hour of some free time. You will need nevr-dull, latex gloves, a cleaning rod, paper towels and your favorite chrome airsoft pistol.

This is what you will need.
This is what you will need.

If you are wondering what nevr-dull is then you are not in the Navy or Coast Guard. It is used to polish various metal surfaces. its easy to uses and it is cheap. I got this can on amazon for $6.50. If you are thinking of using other polishes like brasso, they don’t work as fast or as well.

Now lets get started, first disassemble your pistol down to the chrome parts so that you can polish them. for this DIY I am polishing the outer barrel, the inner barrel and the guide rod.


Now its time to put on your gloves, don’t skip this step or your hands will smell like wet nickels for hours and soap will not clean it off. Now pop the top off the Nevr-dull and rip off a small chunk of the cloth.


Now simply just rub the cloth on the parts you wish to polish. As you rub the barrel the parts will start to become cloudy.

IMG_8835 IMG_8836

Once the part is covered in the polish you can now wipe it off with paper towels. This will uncover the shin of your peace’s

After polishing one time

Now just repeat until the barrel is completely polished

After polishing it 2 times
After polishing it 2 times

Now time for the inside of the inner barrel. Take a small peace of nevr-dull cloth and roll it in between your fingers so that they come to a point. Now pass it half way threw your cleaning rod.


It is hard to see inside the inner barrel because my iphone is not the greatest but in this picture it is dirty.


After you polish the inside of your barrel remove the nevr-dull cloth from the cleaning rod. Cut a small peace of paper towel about half inch by 2 inches long. Now fold in half then pass threw the cleaning rod and clean out the polish. you may need to change out the paper towel peace once of twice to get out all the polish. It took me 2 peace’s to completely clean out my barrel.

IMG_8843 IMG_8844

You will now have a polished and perfectly smooth inner barrel.

Polished inner barrel
Polished inner barrel

Now you can move onto the outer barrel. Just as you did before tear off a small peace of nevr-dull and begin to polish the outer barrel. Once complete clean off the polish with paper towels. This will take several cycles of polishing and cleaning.


Once your barrel is complete you can remove on to any other parts you have to polish. Below are the before and after pictures of the parts after they have been polished.


Last step. Carefully reassembly your gun. When you are finished just take a few minutes and take 1000 pictures and post them on instagram, then tag airsoftactionfield.com. DIY DONE!


Now on to this weeks raffle update. Before we get to that Airsoftactionfield was contacted by an airsofter named Josh. He posted about us on facebook and over night we have tons of views. After that we were got 11 sign ups for the raffle we even got more people to take the poll and even more people joined our instagram. So here’s a special thanks to Josh and his airsoft team. Thank you for your support. Thumbs up to josh. As we say in the Coast Guard “bravo Zulu”.


Raffle update: We are up to 29 entry’s. Keep up the great work and spread the word. Thanks Josh!

One thought on “$10 DIY you gotta try

  1. Lol I think anyone who’s been in the service knows what Never-Dull is I had a can and when my younger brother went thru training at Cape May NJ I made sure he knew to get a can and hide it well like in the ceiling lmao saved my ass many of times


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