Un Fuse DIY

Hello Airsofters, sorry for the delay, I was having computer trouble this week and couldn’t up load pictures. Now its all fixed, so lets get to it. Today AAF is going to show you how to remove the fuse from your AEG. Why you ask, well a for starters its useless unless your running a 12V or higher battery pack. Secondly if your are in battle and your fuse breaks under the heat, you are now weapon less. This DIY will barely dent your wallet at about $3 and take about 15 minutes. If you end up buying some wire crimpers they will tack on about another $6. Today I will be removing the fuse from one of my M4’s. I have a 9.6V butter fly pack and stuffing it all in the fore grip is a pain in the butt. Removing the fuse in this case will also give me some more room to fit it in with ease.

This is what you will need. Crimpers, wire connectors and an AEG.
This is what you will need. Crimpers, wire connectors and an AEG.

Step 1) Locate and remove. Just find out where it is, in some cases like the AK-47 or M16 it will be easier to remove the stock and then begin the DIY.


Step 2) Clip.   For this step just use your wire clippers to cut off the ends of the fuse. Try to save as much wire as possible.


Step 3) Trim. Now using your wire clippers trim off some of the wire coating. to do this place the wire in the opening if the clippers marked 18-22 gauge. Now close them, now slide away from the rest of the wire. This will expose the wire underneath. You should have about a Quarter inch worth of it showing.


Step 4) Crimping. Now twist the ends of the wire clock wise to being them to a point. This will help you down the road for the next part. Now place the wire in the connector until it does not go any further. Now take your crimpers and place them at the base if the connector where it comes to a tapper and squeeze. It should flatten out like a pancake. Now just repeat for the other side.


Step 5) Reassemble. Now put it back together and test it out. Some times you may need to crimp the connector near the to help out the power flow. I did it so I could have a good solid connection.


Step 6) Enjoy! Yes, go play and tell us how it worked out. Also take lots of pick and post them on instgram and FB and Tag airsoftactionfield.com so we can keep bringing you more DIY’s. Also send us some comments, tell us what you think and what you want to know about. Hey by the way thanks for reading.

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