New Raffle Prizes

Hello Airsofters, This week we will be changing the prize for the free raffle give away. After talking to some of our local players, we will be changing our prize. Now to the pesky little problem of what to give away. AAF has come up with 3 options. Just vote at the bottom of the post. We will leave the poll up for the next 2 weeks, so tell all of your friends to vote. First up the Lancer Tactical AK.


Details: High Strength Polymer Receiver

Polymer RIS Front End for Tactical Accessories

Full Metal Barrel Assembly, Sight Blocks and Stock Tube

Ambidextrous Charging Handle

  • Upper Rail for Optics
  • Adjustable Front and Rear Sights
  • Full Metal Gearbox with Reinforced Internal Parts
  • FPS 380-410
  • Ver 3 Full Metal, Fully Upgradeable
  • Package Includes: Gun, Magazine
    Battery: 9.6v Small Stick Type recommended (Battery not included)

Its a solid weapon with lots of options for rails. Looks great and preforms even better.

Second up is the M4 PDW.

m4 PDW


Muzzle Velocity: 350~370 FPS (Measured with 0.20g BBs)
Thread Direction: N/A (Flash Hider integrated with outer barrel)
Gearbox: Ver 2 Full Metal, Fully Upgradeable
Motor: Long Type
Fire Modes: Semi/Full-Auto, Safety
Package Includes: Gun, Magazine, PEQ Box, 8.4v Battery, Wall Charger
Battery: 8.4v Small Type recommended (8.4v Small Type Battery and Wall Charger included)

I cant really say much about this gun, its just a great gun at a great price.( even tho the raffle is free )

Last up is the TAR 21



Muzzle Velocity: 330~360 FPS (Measured with 0.20g BBs)
Range: 70~150 feet
System: AEG / Electric / Fully Automatic.
RPM: 750 w/ 9.6V battery.
Thread Direction: 14mm Positive
Gearbox: 8mm Custom High Strength Metal TAR21 gearbox, Fully Upgradeable with quick spring change design
Fire Modes: Semi/Full-Auto, Safe
Package Includes: Tar-21 Rifle, Magazine and manuel
Battery: 9.6v Small Type recommended (Battery not included)

And of course this is my favorite because I have as our banner at the top of the web page.

So fill out the contact form below to add your self to the free raffle. After that vote for the gun you would like to win the most.

Lastly, AAF will be playing this week at the Berlin field. So come out and join us for a guns blazing game.

Raffle up date. This week no new entry’s so we are at 42. ( quick note, if you have already entered the raffle you are still entered in the raffle with the new gun, they are not separate )

Now a quick survey

Local Teams Series: Unit ZULU

Hello Airsofters!

This past weekend we at Airsoft Action Field headed out to 911 airsoft to play a few rounds of airsoft. We also had a raffle for a free JG AK-47 while we were there. There were roughly 30 players in attendance which made for a great game. I also invited some co-workers and friends to get their take on airsoft. I wanted the feedback that they would provide being new and unfamiliar with the sport. At the end of the day both were ordering weapons for the next game. So big thanks to everyone who played and took the survey, and a special thanks to Dave for letting us play at 911 airsoft.

This week we also caught up with one of the many local teams in the area. This team is the original team of 2.  Yes today we are talking about Unit Zulu. We will start with Nate (on the left) new to the sport at only 2 months. Nate’s weapon for the day was KWA SR-10 with an adjustable crain stock, rail mounted iron sights, and one point sling. Also, Nate had the condor gunner vest. His vest which included 6 mid cap mags (80 rounds each, which by the way is totally hardcore), radio with head set, and an extra large dump pouch.  For camouflage, Unit Zulu operates with tiger stripe pants and long sleeve cargo shirts. For accessories Nate had gloves and a tan cover.

Nate on the left, Spence on the right

The other member of Unit Zulu is Spence. A veteran of the sport, Spence has been playing airsoft since the age of 16. Spence’s Gear  started with his HPA (High Pressure Air) Deep fire body with adjustable crain stock, flip up sights, suppressor, and AIM point red dot. Spence also had a condor vest, which included 6 mid cap mags (120 rounds), radio with head set, and an air tank. For accessories, Spence had mechanix gloves and a tan cover with an American flag patch.

We also asked Unit Zulu what they would like to see in fields in terms of game play or area. Up first Spence; He wanted to see more indoor fields with office style obstacles. Nate’s answer was to see more players overall per game.

If you want to be featured on Airsoft Action Field just shoot us a comment and tell us where and when you will be playing next and we will try to make it there.

Now on to the raffle update. For starters we will be changing the raffle prize. This last week we had 0 regular entries so we think a different prize may shake things up a bit. But what to give away? Well next week we will add a new poll to help us narrow it down.  Also, for those players that entered the raffle at Saturday’s game, we will be adding you to the ongoing raffle. If you already signed up for both you will only be added once to the raffle.

Raffle up date: We are now up to 42.