New AEG’s and New airsoft field upgrade

Hello Airsofters! Over the past few weeks a lot has happened. So let’s start with some of our new products; the Lancer Tactical AK, and the IWI Tavor TAR-21  (Just click the link for details). These AEG’s are a little different from the usual AK and Bullpup designs.

Fist up the Tactical AK. This AEG has many details that make it unique. The quad rails make it easy to customize with add-ons and accessories like fore-grips, lasers, and sights.


The adjustable crain stock is similar to that of the crain stocks you find on M4’s. This makes it easy for players that use an M4 to transition to the Tactical AK.


Lastly, the ambidextrous charging handle is useable on both sides of the AEG, however this is only a cosmetic feature (pretty cool feature though).


Next the TAR-21. This AEG is fully licensed and has some features that also set it apart for the usual bullpup style AGE. The iron sights on this AEG are flip up front and rear sights along with a rail for optics like red dots or scopes. I should also note that there is a conversion kit that replaces the entire top and makes it into a flat top rail system (the kit is $70).


Next, the TAR-21 also features a functional bolt lock / release. This is only a cosmetic mechanical feature but it adds to the realism of the AEG. Lastly, the ergonomics of the fore grip. It is not easy to see in pictures but once you actually hold and shoulder the AEG you will understand the feel of the grip. It differs from the usual fore-grip of other bullpup rifles like the AUG wich has a vertical grip. It has a pretty steep angle wich is much like the angled fore-grip that you would add to your railed AEG for around $30-40 dollars. So, it’s like a built in angled grip. The whole thing is very light weight and comes in at 4.1 pounds (1900 grams).


Next up; if you didn’t know, 911 Airsoft had a build day. Many local players  came out to help support  Dave ( the owner ) at 911 Airsoft to build. All of the players donated their time and carpentry skills to help assemble and construct what will be a small town.

Though the entire project is not fully complete, it is on schedule to be completed for the “Lost Paradise” charity game scheduled for March.

The volunteers also received a special patch from 911 Airsoft.


So special thanks to the airsofters that came out to help.

If you are wondering what the game play will be like now that 911 Airsoft has buildings, there will be a walk on game on 12 DEC 2015. The start time will be 1100-1600 (11am-4pm). So bring your new Black Friday guns outs and play some airsoft.

Raffle update. The new prize was voted on over the last 2 weeks in our “pick the prize” poll. The winner is: The Lancer Tactical AK


We are now up to 46 in the raffle so keep telling your friends so we can give this awesome prize away and move onto the next prize. 


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