New Airsoft Rentals

Hello Airsofters, today we are happy to announce our new rental program that will be coming soon. While most people who read this post already own their own AEG’s this is an opportunity for others who are curious about the sport but don’t want to commit to the initial price tag that goes along with it. A great example would be redbox, I wish I would have rented some videogames for $1.50 before I spent $60 on the game and realized it was trash.  The new rental program also allows Airsofters the opportunity to try different models before buying them. For instance, you might like a LMG like the M60 E4.

m60 rental blog

But when you played with you realized that it is too heavy for long events, or that it was  great at and that you wished you had it sooner. In either case, if you didn’t like it you only lost out on about $30 with some BB’s- as opposed to $350 and then trying to get someone eles to buy it off of you on airsoft classified or craigslist and on top of that they only want to give you $200 for it. So for new players, and already seasoned players the rental program is here to help you save money and to add to our growing community of Airsofters in Sussex county Delaware. We are still working out the contracts, pricing and, AEG’s to rent. So stay tuned for the release date. Untill then we have the first 2 of our AEG rental menu.

First up on the rental menu is the Classic M4.


Why? Because it is widely recognized in games and it is a great middle of the road gun. The M4 can be an in door or out door AEG, it has many upgrade parts for customization. Easy to use and a adjustable stock that fits most sizes.


Second up on the rental menu is the UAR.



The UAR gives players the option to try a gun type that you don’t see much of in the sport. The bullpup design looks great and allows for a full size barrel in a compact weapon. It has quad rails for upgrades/ accessories. This all polymer built AEG also makes it light and easy to carry. So if you like to rush this AEG is great for you, light weight, compact, and great range. click this video it says it all in 4mins and 2 sec (video)

Raffle update, we are up to 47. If you want to join the raffle for the free Lancer Tactical AK just sign up in the contact box below and take our quick survey to help keep Airsoft Action Field going.