BB’s N’ Chow



Hello Airsofters! Heavy snow and flight delays have postponed some incoming products therefore postponing Airsoft Action Field’s DIY’s for this week. But there’s still good news on the horizon. This week a local super hero Airsofter known as Josh is hosting a game at the Laurel Field. Yes sir, there’s a BB’s N’ Chow mini event this week so come out and join the fun. The game will be at 6333 Ralphs Rd Laurel DE. It’s a little tricky to find once you go off road, but we have you covered.


This is where your GPS will take you but the game is where the purple pin is.


This is where you will actually enter


Just drive to the end of the chicken house.


Now make a right then follow the road until you see other airsofters.

The game starts at 0900 and ends at 1700. The forecast calls for cold weather so cover up and read last weeks post for tips on how to play in the cold.

How about we get this mini event really rolling. Airsoft Action Field will have a $20 raffle. IMG_9023

Yes, for $20 you can win a IWI Tavor TAR-21. Retail value $175 (ACOG not included). Second place prize winner will get a triple shot M3 shot gun with 5 shells. Retail value $60.

Rules: $20 gets you a ticket. Anyone may buy as many tickets as they want. We need at least 10 people to participate before we can do the raffle. The drawing will be between 1300-1400 ( 1pm-2pm)

Currently there are about 13 Airsofters set to come out and join. Stay tuned for next weeks post when we will have new products, rentals, and DIY / upgrades.

Next up,  Field Update. This week we narrowed the location of what may be the future site of Airsoft Action Field. Of course it will be in Sussex County so stay tuned for updates in our weekly posts.

Rental Program update. The rental program is in effect and ready to roll. No new guns to add this week thanks to the snow storm. Just a reminder we have the UAR($16), M4($16), and M249($25) for rent. If you want to rent an AGE for the day, just drop a comment at the end of the post or shoot an email to

Raffle update. This week we had a lot of entries, bringing the total to 63. Special thanks to Jon who posted to airsoft reddit. This is for you JON! Lastly, special thanks to all the airsoft reddit players who read my post and commented on it. Airsoft action field really appreciates your feedback. So Thanks! If you want a chance to win a lancer Tactical AK-47 just sign up in the contact form.




Cold Weather Airsofter

Hello airsofters, today we are going to talk about what to do when your field is in a cold weather slump. First up, if you brave the cold and play make sure you are ready for players to not call their hits; it’s cold and they just can’t feel it. Now when talking about cold weather, it is important to remember that cold and fine motor skills do not mix. Here are some tips to help you play in cold weather.


First up, removing your trigger guard. For most M4 type weapons this will only take about a few seconds but it will help you play with heavy gloves. To do it just use a writing pin or small screw driver to push down the holding pin on the side of the trigger guard.  Now use a rubber band to hold it down. Other AEG’s like the Sig 552 come with a swivel trigger guard.

Next tip, Foot and hand warmers. Simple, just run on down to walmart and grab a bag of these for about $5 for 7 pairs. These will help you keep the blood flowing  in your feet to help you when you are on the move. If you are an ambusher type of player then this tip is especially for you. You can also replace your water bladder with some hot packs to keep your back warm.

hand warmersfoot warmers

Next up, head gear. Now this is a no brainer that will definitely keep lots of heat in your body. Wear a good beanie.  Under armor has an excellent beanie with 2 different layers to keep in lots of heat. Also 70% of your body heat leaves through the top of your head so keeping a good portion of it will help you sustain a warm core and keep you in the fight longer. Why the beanie over a face wrap? Because I have found that your hot breath will flow into your goggles and make them fog up faster.

head gear1

Next tip, eat a snack. Give your body some fuel. Your body has to burn calories to keep you playing and now that its cold it also has to work over time to keep you warm. You don’t need a pizza for this tip, but on the other hand something is better than nothing.


Next tip, Double socks. That’s it. Super easy, just wearing a second pair of socks will help keep the heat in your boots.

Next tip, use your car to warm up in between games. This will also help to warm your hands back up for those fine motor skills you will need to fill up your mags with bbs.


Next tip, Drink warm water. Even though you are freezing you still need to keep hydrated. Warm water will keep you hydrated and help warm you up as well. Hot coco? Sure why not.

Next tip, wear less gear. Now this is an efficiency tip, it is meant to maximize your energy output. You should choose gear you can go without  based on the type of game setting /scenario that you will be playing. A good example would be to leave your pistol out. A pistol requires fine motor skills to reload and operate properly and the green gas you use will hardly even push a BB at low temps anyways. Also, using a pistol with large gloves will be extra difficult. So leave off your pistol, spare pistol mags, and holster and you will save about 4 pounds or less of junk you don’t need. Now your moving lighter and more efficiently. Next, leave out extra ammo. I’m not talking about extra mags I’m talking about BB’s from the bag/bottle. Reloading from the bag takes fine motor skills and as we’ve said before fine motor skills and the cold do not mix. Now that your bag of ammo is out you will sneak towards your target with out that rattle in your pocket.


Next up are a few things not to do. Don’t get mad if players are not calling their hits. It’s super cold, they most likely didn’t feel it. Don’t keep playing if you are losing feeling in your hands and feet. Airsoft is not worth risking frost bite.

Bam that its. Now you have just a few of Airsoft Action Fields cold weather tips to keep you in the fight. Stay tuned for more AAF info and updates on the rental program, raffle, and field progression. Remember to  check us out on instagram @airsoftactionfield for up to date information and great gun pics!

Field progression, we are still at square 1 scouting out locations. Its going to happen though.

Rental Program update. No new guns to add this week. Currently we have the M249,M4, and UAR for rent. We will be adding more to the list soon.

Raffle update. We are at 52. If you would like a chance to win a Lancer Tactical AK-47 then enter your information in the box below. Once we reach 150 entry’s we will do the raffle. If you already entered before you are still in it to win it. Also you will only be entered one time based on your email. ( if you win and want it shipped, you must pay for shipping. you have 5 days to claim the prize. If no one claims the prize we will raffle it off a second time. )

New Year – New Items – New Tactics

Hello Airsofters! Did you have a good holiday season? Well here at Airsoft Action Field we came across some New AEG’s to add to the rental program. Yes that’s right, we added a LMG to the mix. The A&K M249. This LMG holds a 2500 rounds electric drum mag.


Along with the heavy duty exterior for extra realism, it also has a built in bipod. So try before you buy at Airsoft Action Field. Just a recap, we also have the full metal M4 and the UAR for rent as well. We will be adding the DMR, sniper rifle and specialized weapon category to the rental program so stay tuned for rental updates.


Now on to the field update. Sadly after many months, the prospective indoor / out door field was shot down by the owner of the property. Moving forward we are back to the drawing board. For now AAF will focus its attention towards providing AEG’s and accessories until we get a new lead on a prospective field.

In other news, we played at the Laurel field this last Saturday. With about 25 airsofters we had a blast. With some new faces in the mix, we grew the airsoft community just a little bit more and that’s good for everyone. Thanks Josh!


Speaking of new faces, we also had a few new gun types on the field that changed the dynamics of the game. Some players had snipers rifles, witch help to off set the fps limit as well as the range bubble.


The diversity of range and fps makes it possible to some players to be eliminated while keeping your distance. This is called out ranging your opponent and in Delaware’s airsoft fields this is a great advantage because most field are flat terrain. In most cases you can see your opponent long before your gun can reach them. Also if every one is chronos  around the same 400FPS than everyone is in the same hitting radius.


So now we are going to tell you how to how to give yourself more range and increase your radius. Step one, change your ammo. Your ammo plays a big part in your range. .2o go the farthest, .25 go almost as far and anything after that your just dropping feet unless your gun is shooting hot ( around 500+ fps ). “But what about accuracy?” What about it, most AEG hit within a 10 inch spread and if its really windy .25 or .28 would have been blown off track anyway. On the other hand, if your shooting full auto then you have more rounds in the air anyways and at that point you can just adjust as you fire to the left or right. If you ever start lobbing your shots, then that just proves the point that you are out of range.


Step 2, Change your tactics. While most guns determine the style of player you are, you can change your tactics to get a jump on your opponents no matter what gun you have. ( Except bolt action rifles ). It is said that you can take a long gun  indoors but you cant take a short gun outdoors. This statement is mostly true (95%) If you try to go toe to toe with a mp5 VS PSG-1 you will be taking hits long before you are in rage to return fire. So how do I use that 5% to win? The answer is Ambush or true team work. The Ambush allows you to even the playing field as well as getting the upper hand on your opponent. The draw back is that it is time consuming and also will not help you complete the game objective.

ambush pic
Setting up for an ambush


True team work take a group and requires them to use fire fight tactics. Have you ever heard of ” talking guns? ” Talking guns is a tactic used by the U.S. Military to fight uphill or to take down a single objective. This is how you use the “TG” 2 LMG ( for airsoft, 2 automatic firing AEGs ) and 1 or more rifle men are needed. Step 1) 1 of the LMG fires a long burst of about 20-30 rounds, once LMG 1 is done firing LMG 2 fires a long burst 20-30 then the process repeats. This gives the rifle man cover fire until he can get within range of the target. Simple and easy to use. It also keeps your opponents heads down and unable to return fire. The draw back is that this tactic takes training, communication and above all cooperation. It also only works on a single target.

talking guns
giving cover fire while the rifle man moves


So next time you play airsoft consider team work or a DMR, or a sniper rifle. This will keep you at an advantage over your opponent’s. In any case AAF carries everything (or we can get it for you).

Check in every week on Wednesday or Thursday for fresh Airsoft Action posts and drop any questions or comments at the bottom of the post. Thanks for reading Airsofters, See you on the field.

Raffle Update. We are up to 51 in the raffle. Spread the word so we can give this gun away. If you want a chance win the Free Lancer Tactical AK-47 just fill out the contact info. once we hit 150 entries we’ll give it away to one lucky player.