Cold Weather Airsofter

Hello airsofters, today we are going to talk about what to do when your field is in a cold weather slump. First up, if you brave the cold and play make sure you are ready for players to not call their hits; it’s cold and they just can’t feel it. Now when talking about cold weather, it is important to remember that cold and fine motor skills do not mix. Here are some tips to help you play in cold weather.


First up, removing your trigger guard. For most M4 type weapons this will only take about a few seconds but it will help you play with heavy gloves. To do it just use a writing pin or small screw driver to push down the holding pin on the side of the trigger guard.  Now use a rubber band to hold it down. Other AEG’s like the Sig 552 come with a swivel trigger guard.

Next tip, Foot and hand warmers. Simple, just run on down to walmart and grab a bag of these for about $5 for 7 pairs. These will help you keep the blood flowing  in your feet to help you when you are on the move. If you are an ambusher type of player then this tip is especially for you. You can also replace your water bladder with some hot packs to keep your back warm.

hand warmersfoot warmers

Next up, head gear. Now this is a no brainer that will definitely keep lots of heat in your body. Wear a good beanie.  Under armor has an excellent beanie with 2 different layers to keep in lots of heat. Also 70% of your body heat leaves through the top of your head so keeping a good portion of it will help you sustain a warm core and keep you in the fight longer. Why the beanie over a face wrap? Because I have found that your hot breath will flow into your goggles and make them fog up faster.

head gear1

Next tip, eat a snack. Give your body some fuel. Your body has to burn calories to keep you playing and now that its cold it also has to work over time to keep you warm. You don’t need a pizza for this tip, but on the other hand something is better than nothing.


Next tip, Double socks. That’s it. Super easy, just wearing a second pair of socks will help keep the heat in your boots.

Next tip, use your car to warm up in between games. This will also help to warm your hands back up for those fine motor skills you will need to fill up your mags with bbs.


Next tip, Drink warm water. Even though you are freezing you still need to keep hydrated. Warm water will keep you hydrated and help warm you up as well. Hot coco? Sure why not.

Next tip, wear less gear. Now this is an efficiency tip, it is meant to maximize your energy output. You should choose gear you can go without  based on the type of game setting /scenario that you will be playing. A good example would be to leave your pistol out. A pistol requires fine motor skills to reload and operate properly and the green gas you use will hardly even push a BB at low temps anyways. Also, using a pistol with large gloves will be extra difficult. So leave off your pistol, spare pistol mags, and holster and you will save about 4 pounds or less of junk you don’t need. Now your moving lighter and more efficiently. Next, leave out extra ammo. I’m not talking about extra mags I’m talking about BB’s from the bag/bottle. Reloading from the bag takes fine motor skills and as we’ve said before fine motor skills and the cold do not mix. Now that your bag of ammo is out you will sneak towards your target with out that rattle in your pocket.


Next up are a few things not to do. Don’t get mad if players are not calling their hits. It’s super cold, they most likely didn’t feel it. Don’t keep playing if you are losing feeling in your hands and feet. Airsoft is not worth risking frost bite.

Bam that its. Now you have just a few of Airsoft Action Fields cold weather tips to keep you in the fight. Stay tuned for more AAF info and updates on the rental program, raffle, and field progression. Remember to  check us out on instagram @airsoftactionfield for up to date information and great gun pics!

Field progression, we are still at square 1 scouting out locations. Its going to happen though.

Rental Program update. No new guns to add this week. Currently we have the M249,M4, and UAR for rent. We will be adding more to the list soon.

Raffle update. We are at 52. If you would like a chance to win a Lancer Tactical AK-47 then enter your information in the box below. Once we reach 150 entry’s we will do the raffle. If you already entered before you are still in it to win it. Also you will only be entered one time based on your email. ( if you win and want it shipped, you must pay for shipping. you have 5 days to claim the prize. If no one claims the prize we will raffle it off a second time. )

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