BB’s N’ Chow



Hello Airsofters! Heavy snow and flight delays have postponed some incoming products therefore postponing Airsoft Action Field’s DIY’s for this week. But there’s still good news on the horizon. This week a local super hero Airsofter known as Josh is hosting a game at the Laurel Field. Yes sir, there’s a BB’s N’ Chow mini event this week so come out and join the fun. The game will be at 6333 Ralphs Rd Laurel DE. It’s a little tricky to find once you go off road, but we have you covered.


This is where your GPS will take you but the game is where the purple pin is.


This is where you will actually enter


Just drive to the end of the chicken house.


Now make a right then follow the road until you see other airsofters.

The game starts at 0900 and ends at 1700. The forecast calls for cold weather so cover up and read last weeks post for tips on how to play in the cold.

How about we get this mini event really rolling. Airsoft Action Field will have a $20 raffle. IMG_9023

Yes, for $20 you can win a IWI Tavor TAR-21. Retail value $175 (ACOG not included). Second place prize winner will get a triple shot M3 shot gun with 5 shells. Retail value $60.

Rules: $20 gets you a ticket. Anyone may buy as many tickets as they want. We need at least 10 people to participate before we can do the raffle. The drawing will be between 1300-1400 ( 1pm-2pm)

Currently there are about 13 Airsofters set to come out and join. Stay tuned for next weeks post when we will have new products, rentals, and DIY / upgrades.

Next up,  Field Update. This week we narrowed the location of what may be the future site of Airsoft Action Field. Of course it will be in Sussex County so stay tuned for updates in our weekly posts.

Rental Program update. The rental program is in effect and ready to roll. No new guns to add this week thanks to the snow storm. Just a reminder we have the UAR($16), M4($16), and M249($25) for rent. If you want to rent an AGE for the day, just drop a comment at the end of the post or shoot an email to

Raffle update. This week we had a lot of entries, bringing the total to 63. Special thanks to Jon who posted to airsoft reddit. This is for you JON! Lastly, special thanks to all the airsoft reddit players who read my post and commented on it. Airsoft action field really appreciates your feedback. So Thanks! If you want a chance to win a lancer Tactical AK-47 just sign up in the contact form.




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