Arctic Airsofter Tips


Hello Airsofters, this week we have some cold weather tips from our friends located in Finland. These Airsofters don’t let the extreme cold get in the way of their game day. They play all winter long in -22 F.

These tips are for players that play for long amounts of time in the cold or in tempatures that are below 32 F. These tips come from some of our readers on airsoft reddit, thank you for reading! Now let’s get down to business.


First up, staying dry with waterproof clothing. To be more precise, snow boarding gear. Regular camouflage can absorb water, making you heavier and also colder. To avoid this use snow boarding pants. If your snow boarding pants are brightly colored get a pair of arctic colored camouflage to go over them. You can pick these up from ebay or any online surplus store. The idea is to wear them over your snow boarder pants.


Next tip, Socks and boot liners. Yes we are talking about keeping your feet warm. First up Smart wool socks, these socks are worth the money but will set you back a bit. Next up boot liners, these will keep you warm and will range in price from $25-$50.


Next up AEG modifications. These tips will help keep your AEG from breaking in the extreme cold. First up, Change your basic hop up bucking to a silicon bucking. Why? Because a regular plastic hop up unit will freeze and become hard and inflexible causing it to crack and break. Next up powerful DMR style weapons users should be warned that plastic parts will break easily and if possible should be changed out for metal parts. For example  cylinder head, piston, piston head and so on. Lastly, grease up –  extra grease will help your gears from stripping.

So Thanks to our Airsofters in Finland and all the airsofters who read Airsoft Action Field’s blog.

Next up game day review. This week we played at the Laurel field. There were over 30 players new and old, and at the end of the day everyone enjoyed some chow. Thanks Josh!


Next up field update. Nothing new to report on the field location.

Rental update. This week we got a hold of a new M40 by Lancer tactical. This bolt action rifle opens up the options to renters who want to try a special weapon on their team. Check out our new Rental page for prices details and updates.


Raffle update. We are at 63. Just 12 away from the half way mark. If you want to enter to win just fill out the contact info and you will be entered. If you have entered before you don’t need to re-enter. After you have entered take a quick minute to fill out a quick survey.

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