New Rental AEG

Hello Airsofters, This week we have a new AEG to add to the rental program. The Lancer Tactical PDW.


The package contains the PDW, 2 mags ( one high cap, one standard ) PEQ battery, wall charger, front and rear flip up sights, QD sling mount, cleaning rod and .20 BB’s.DSCN0045

There are two versions of Lancer tactical PDW, the all polymer (MAP at about $100) and the full metal (MAP at about $199). Today we are talking using the Full metal version for our Blog. The main difference aside from the metal body, are the sights, battery pack and metal detail parts such as the selector.  The metal version sights are awesome and function perfectly.

The EPQ box is also amazing and has a plethora of printed markings to make it look even more realistic. There is also a rail on the EPQ for other accessories. Inside the EPQ is a small 9.6v battery.


The small details like the all metal selector help the realism of the PDW. The selector is also ambidextrous as well as the mag release. So lefty shooters rejoice.


The LT PDW is also very sling friendly with 3 QD sling mounts ports. One located on near the rear of the selector, one at the base of the stock and one on the folding stock. However there are no QD ports near the front of the AEG, meaning that 3 or 2 point sling is not what this gun is designed for. The one point sling would be the most appropriate and that makes the most sense due to the compact size and because this is a personal defense weapon. It should be noted that yes you can buy rail mounted QD ports to add to the front, but with that logic you can also add grenade launcher to the front, so sure do what ever you want this is America.


The PDW may be small but it does pack a fill size punch. The FPS is about 390-400. We chronoed it at 391-400 with .20g. So players can take this to an out door field and have no problem playing with other full size AEG


The size of this AEG also a bonus to players that like to rush or ambush. The size is far smaller then the usual M4. Look at the side by side size comparison. The PDW is almost an oversized pistol compaired to the M4. So rushing or running with it wouldn’t be a problem.


If you compare this to an full size rifle like the m16 it just looks tiny.DSCN0041

The small size also allows it to be a great back up to a sniper. It can easily fit in a dump pouch or back pack and with a few high caps you can easily hold off an advancing opponent.


Now if you are an indoor player this AEG also is a great choice. The quad rails allow for many accessories. So we add a few just to see what it might look like as a mine weapon. First we removed the flip up sights then added a hologram sight. Then we moved the battery pack to the right side of the AEG. Next we added the integrated flash light grip. And overall it looks amazing.


Now for the bad news. the LT PDW comes with a plastic hop up. Not the regular black nylon, but the clear plastic style. But that a $15 fix, and I just so happen to have a few laying around the shop. Maybe LT will read this one day and change it out.


So retail or rental Airsoft Action Field has it for you.

Field update. AAF has found a few spots that look great for airsoft. 2 of them  So stay tuned for field updates.

Rental program update. We just added a PDW. Its f-ing awesome. If you want to rent this AEG hop on over to our rental page and drop a comment in the comment box.

Raffle update. We are still at 63. Just 12 away from the half way mark. If you want to enter to win just fill out the contact info and you will be entered. If you have entered before you don’t need to re-enter. After you have entered take a quick minute to fill out a quick survey.

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