New .50 cal Rental


Hello Airsofters! This week we have a heavy duty rental that you don’t see too often on the field. Thankfully, Airsoft Action Field has an awesome rental program that is offering up some premium AEG’s. So this week we are adding the M82. This is not the SOCOM CO2 version. The reason we went with the Snow Wolf version is that it is 1/3 of the cost, and hits harder. Also, the SOCOM version does not have any spare rounds to purchase, so after the 5 shots you have to charge and reload each round making game play less effective. Also it has a set fps at 280 and you can’t really upgrade it. So for those reasons we went with the Snow Wolf version. It is more cost affective at $500, 200 round mag, spare parts, and upgradeable. So let’s check it out:


This AEG is massive, weighing in at 15.5 lbs. The actual M82 weighs in at 30.9 lbs. so it’s about 1/2 of the weight of the real thing. The whole AEG is 4 feet 9.5 inches long. So for those reasons accessories like bipods and a sling are a must.


A little side note, the inner barrel is far shorter than the outer barrel, so the long version is just for looks, but performs the same as the short version. In retrospect, the short version could be a little easer to use due to weight and length. But the long version looks great on the wall.


The M82 version we ordered comes with a built in compact front sight and a removable rear sight. However the rear sight is incredibly small and not very practical. So we removed it and added a 50mm 9power scope with illuminated sights, sun shade and flip-up covers.


The M82 comes with a built in bipod and a removable rear monopod.  The M82 monopod does not fold away like the M200. Other than looks, it really does not help with game play so we left it off, otherwise it just becomes another thing to fall off. The bipod is adjustable, and extends up to 4 inches.


The battery space is in the rear of the gun. To access it just remove the one pin and slide the top half of the AEG forward. The space is large and able to fit up to a 9.6 large battery. I don’t have a large 10.8 to try but im sure it would fit as well. The AEG is fitted for a small battery but that is easily converted if you want. This large battery space will come in handy for our upgrade down the road.


The gearbox is a standard version 2 gear box. So upgraded and replacement parts are available. Stock out of the box the M82 shoots a surprising 342FPS. A lot weaker than the usual AEG but we’ll change that in next weeks post. Now this could just be a relaxed spring because not many people buy them or just a weak stock spring. Online, Evike’s details read 450 FPS, but we have other plans for this AEG down the line. Like we mentioned earlier, the inner barrel does not run the full length of the M82 but it does come with the longest barrel on the market at 650mm.

DSCN0080Game play: As a semi auto sniper rifle you have the advantage over bolt action sniper rifles. The 200 round mag is 10 times larger than most bolt action rifles and the semi auto feature allow you to send more BB’s down range faster. The M82 also has a full auto feature, however the mag is fairly small for a full auto mode but it could come in handy.

Exercise Eager Lion 12

The drawbacks of using the M82: The weight and length of this AEG make it hard to wield as well as maneuver. On the other hand, as a sniper you should be sneaking and ambushing the other team anyway. This is a one of a kind sniper rifle. Once we completely upgrade it we will add it to our arsenal of rental guns. Be sure to read our blog next week when we show you a step by step, cost affective, DIY upgrade.


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