Game day review Operation “LOST PARADISE 2 ” Retribution

Hello airsofters, This passed week 911 Airsoft hosted their annual fundraiser game “Lost Paradise”. The head count was a chart topping 140 players. We meet lots of players from beginner to regular. The game play was also great with many team based missions. 911 Airsoft also had a raffle and gave away some great prizes. And to top it all off, ” Long dogs” was slinging out tasty eats.


With over 140 players, the game play was medium paced. Many squads/ teams within the main teams ( Sunia/Azual) worked great together to capture objectives, revive one another, and attack/defend objectives. From our perspective both teams did a great job of working together. We also seen a great deal of team work between new players and regular players. This just goes to show how great the the airsoft community is. Of course the as you may know, the winning team was the Sunia (red team). Great job to team Sunia. As for my team Azual, well get them next time.


The Objectives. The game had may mission based objectives witch gave the game a great direction rather than just shooting one another. Another great aspect of the missions as the cause and effect of the completed mission. For example, if one team captured the satellite dish, they would receive extra intel on the opposing teams movement and so forth.

We also meet up with some of our local area teams such as “Consergent, SCAR, and East Coast outlaws”. Consergent also added two new members to their team.

New Team Members


911 Airsoft raffled off $1950 in great prizes. The Prizes ranged from gunbags and pistols to AEG’s and HPA’s. As part of your admission, each player recives a raffle ticket for prizes, a game game patch, and also a food ticket ( wrist band ). The whole event was a win win for players and as a fund raiser.

Lastly 911 invited over Long Dogs to feed the masses. Long Dogs provided ice cold drinks and piping hot food. The hot food was a bonus because the air temp started to droop.

Over all the game play was great. Lots of targets, and lots of medics to keep the game going. The prizes were awesome as well as the food. And at the end of the day 911 Airsoft along with the Airsoft community raised money for a good cause.

Thanks 911 Airsoft ! Thanks Delaware Airsofters !

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The Last Rental


Hello Airsofters, This week Airsoft Action Field is adding its last AEG to the rental program. AAF is going to move its assets towards purchasing a suitable peace of land. In the mean time this will be the last rental. So what is it you ask?  The Classic Army fully licensed FN SCAR.

big scar

The SCAR is a stunning weapon with many user friendly attributes. It not only looks great, it preforms great. It should be noted that the scar comes in many versions, such as a 223 and a 308. It can also come in a short, regular or long/ H-bar version. We are adding the short 223 version to our rental program. So lets get into it.


The scar has many features that make it very versatile and customizable. First up, the flat top rail runs the full length of the AEG to allow for  accessories. The front sight also folds forward and out of the way. This helps for low profile red dots or scopes.


Moving forward, the SCAR is also equipped with side and under mounted rails. This feature is great for additional add on’s like lights, lasers, vertical grips, angled grips, and my favorite 40mm launchers.


The SCAR is very lefty friendly, it is equipped with a ambidextrous mag catch/release.


The selector switch is ambidextrous making it lefty friendly.


The SCAR takes M4 style mags. This is a great feature to those player that already use M4 style AEG’s. As we all know there is a vast variety of M4 style mag options such as standard, mid cap, high cap, box mags, and drum mags.The stock is also fitted with a few user friendly features. The Stock has a optional cheek adjustment to raise or lower the cheek rest.


The stock can also be extended ( three lengths ) to help fit a players  arm length.


In addition to the many features it can also side fold.


Now for the internals. The SCAR right out of the box is a great AEG with many upgrades already pre installed. This AEG shoots 408 out of the box.


The barrel is blue anodized. However I don’t own a set of precision calipers to measure the inner diameter to see if it is actually a precision barrel. The gear box is also pre upgraded. The cylinder is also blue anodized. The corners of the cylinder head are rounded to help prevent gear box cracking.The SCAR hop-up unit is full metal. Total bonus !


Lastly, the body is an all polymer construction. Others versions come with a metal upper receiver. But this version is a little on the lighter side of the weight scale. It has a comfortable light weight feel and a solid feel with no creaking that you would usually see in a plastic body AEG. ( like the G3).


The down falls. The only real down fall is the rear sight, the rear sight is incredible small. Good thing it is removable and or that it flips down. Another down fall is that it did not come in metal but, it is on the lower end of the price scale for SCAR’s.

Over all this AEG preforms great. If you want to try it out just hop on over to the rental page and drop a comment in the comment box.

In other news, A quick shout out to Airsoft Canada. Airsoft Action Field recently seen a spike of reader from our neighbors across the border. Thanks for reading the Airsoft Action Field blog. You guys rock.


Coming up this weekend, our friends over at 911 Airsoft are having a fundraiser game. The face book pages has just over 100 players signed up for the event. Airsoft Action field will be there with some heavy duty weapons. If you want to have a photo op with the 50. cal or the M200 CheyTac stop on over. If you want to sign up for the free AEG we will have the survey. There will be 2 large scale games, with a chow break in the middle. Some of the proceeds will go to disabled vets. So come out and join the battle. If you would like to rent a AEG for the day jump on over to the rental page and drop a comment in the comment box.

Raffle update: We are up to 73 this week. Thanks for all of your support.

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New AK 74/GP 25 Rental

Hello Airsofters, This week we are adding a new AK 74/ GP 25 AEG to the rental page. This is another push to widen our variety in the rental program, a lot of our rentals have been American based so this will be our first Russian based rental. So lets take a quick look at the details.


This full metal AK74 is made by DBOY. It is a sharp AEG that hits at 412 FPS out of the box.


The gear box is also pre-upgraded with a few perks like re-enforced gears and piston. The AK74 come equipped with a scope mount base attachment on the left side of the metal body. (However if you do add a side mount, you wont be able to fold the stock.)


The AK74 also comes with a side folding stock. This design features allows the user to use the AEG in close quarters or in tight spaces. The battery space if fitted for a stick type battery. The battery space is surprisingly large, we fitted it with a 9.6v NMH battery. It could easily fit a 10.8v.The AK74 takes the usual AK style 600 round mags. The open sights are the typical of all AK’s. The sights include elevation markings with an accompanying elevation selector.


Now to make this rental stand out we added a grenade launcher. The Lancer Tactical CA-10/GP25 is a full metal Quick Detach grenade launcher.


The GP25 is very user friendly and easy to use. Just push the shell down the tube until it clicks and locks in place. After fired, to change out the shell just press the sliver lever forward to unlock and eject the shell. It uses its own special 40mm shell. The shells are packed with 36 BB’s. The low BB count allows for greater range.


The GP25 is fitted with lots of details such as a flip up safety to prevent accidental fire.


It is has an adjustable front and rear grenade sights.


Lancer Tactical has also added some great details like elevation markings to add to the realism.


The GP25 also acts as a fore grip. This helps off set the balance of the AEG, after adding the grenade launcher this AEG is simply heavy. The over all AEG preforms great and with the added GP25 you can give you opponents a surprise cloud of BB’s. If you want to try this out for your self hop on over to the rental page and drop a comment in the comment box.


Thanks for reading and remember to sign up for the free AEG raffle.

Field update. AAF has found a 2 spots that look great for airsoft. 2 of them are indoor. So getting approval is tough. Also one is located in Maryland. Stay tuned for field news.

Rental program update. We just added a AK74. Its sick. If you want to rent this AEG hop on over to our rental page and drop a comment in the comment box.

Raffle update. We are at 64. Just 11 away from the half way mark. If you want to enter to win just fill out the contact info and you will be entered. If you have entered before you don’t need to re-enter. After you have entered take a quick minute to fill out a quick survey.

.50 cal AEG DIY Upgrade


Hello Airsofters, Last week introduced the M82 to the rental arsenal. However during the review we found that the AEG was under powered. So this week we are going to show you how to do the most cost affective, and fast upgrade. We will be applying these upgrades to the M82 but these upgrades are not model specific, meaning you can take these same steps to upgrade your SCAR,M4 or AK. Now lets start with the barrel.


To start remove the pin in the rear of the M82. Now slid the top portion off of the AEG. Now use a allen wrench to un screw it to release the otter barrel. Once you back out the allen screw out a few turns, unscrew the outer barrel counter clock wise.

DSCN0096Once completely removed you will find a spacer held in place by masking tape.Using a ruler measure how far back the spacer is from the end of the barrel. We found it to be about 9 inches from the end. Now remove the tape and slide the spacer off.


Now slide the inner barrel out from the outer barrel.


To start, set the hop up all the way back to zero. Now just remove the locking clip, then pull the barrel out of the hop up.


Now remove the small spacer ring.


Now add the small spacer ring to the new precision inner barrel first.Now add the hop up bucking, then slide it back into the hop up unit and don’t forget to pus the spacer back into place. Now place the inner barrel back in place and add the spacer. To add the spacer just measure out the placement of masking tape. Now add the spacer and another peace of masking tape. Now your all done.


We chose the Mad Bull 6.01 barrel. The cost was $45 which is about the average price. So how much does a 6.01  barrel help your AEG, does it really make a difference? We choreographed the M82 at 342, once we added the inner barrel we tested it again and it shot at 362 adding 20 FPS. So is it worth it, it’s up to you. $45 plus shipping for 20 FPS is what it really brakes down too.


Now to the gear box. The gear box we chose was AIM M150 gear box ($90)that is rated at 480-550 (also comes in a M120,M130,M160).This was a quick one two punch. We removed the original gear box and dropped in a pre upgraded AIM gear box.


This took just a little over 15 minutes while watching the daily show. So here’s how, just remove the screw at the rear of the gear box.



Now the remove the base plate at the bottom of the grip.


Now un connect the wires and slide out the motor. Once out unscrew the screws at the base of the grip. Lastly push out the body pin. Then drop in the new gear box and put it back together.


Now this is the most affective way to upgrade any AEG for many reasons. First cost, we have a picture of a side by side comparison that show the cost of getting parts one at a time. We came to the grand total of $225 (+/- depending on brand) for all the parts included in the gear box, where as we picked up the complete gear box (already assembled) for $90. Second, the time save disassembling and reassembling.imageimage















After adding the new gear box we changed out the motor for a Godzilla 5000 super high torque($46). We picked this motor for its low price and high powered magnets.


Next we added a small to large adapter ($2) to power the high torque motor. The M82 has a huge battery space so this was a no brainer. The Large battery is a 9.6 3500 mah so it wont die mid game and can easily power the super high torque motor.


Now to the test this beast. Originally it shot 342. Now after a $2 adapter, a $90 pre upgraded AIM gear box, and a $46 Godzilla motor, for a total of $138 and about 20 mins, the M82 now chronos at 525. Given that the barrel adds 20 the gear box really shoots at 500-505. The barrel was not added to the total price because it’s not a major factor but if you need just a few more FPS it does the job. The motor is another issue, we don’t recommend it if you are using a M120 or less spring, the stock motor of most AEG is powerful enough to run a M120. If you don’t have a gun that takes a Version 2 gear box, you could buy the AIM gear box and just take out all of the parts and that would still save you lots of money, then just transplant them in your current gearbox, but that’s another blog for another day.


The over all FPS to cost ratio was +183 FPS for $183 (1FPS:$1) for barrel, gear box and motor. Or 163 FPS for $138 for gear box and motor.If you bought each part separately you would have paid $310ish. But overall,the AEG can now run any spring like a M160 that puts out 600 FPS and that would only cost about $10 (or you could pick the M160 AIM gear box and save $10). So check it out for your self and hop on over to the rental page.