New AK 74/GP 25 Rental

Hello Airsofters, This week we are adding a new AK 74/ GP 25 AEG to the rental page. This is another push to widen our variety in the rental program, a lot of our rentals have been American based so this will be our first Russian based rental. So lets take a quick look at the details.


This full metal AK74 is made by DBOY. It is a sharp AEG that hits at 412 FPS out of the box.


The gear box is also pre-upgraded with a few perks like re-enforced gears and piston. The AK74 come equipped with a scope mount base attachment on the left side of the metal body. (However if you do add a side mount, you wont be able to fold the stock.)


The AK74 also comes with a side folding stock. This design features allows the user to use the AEG in close quarters or in tight spaces. The battery space if fitted for a stick type battery. The battery space is surprisingly large, we fitted it with a 9.6v NMH battery. It could easily fit a 10.8v.The AK74 takes the usual AK style 600 round mags. The open sights are the typical of all AK’s. The sights include elevation markings with an accompanying elevation selector.


Now to make this rental stand out we added a grenade launcher. The Lancer Tactical CA-10/GP25 is a full metal Quick Detach grenade launcher.


The GP25 is very user friendly and easy to use. Just push the shell down the tube until it clicks and locks in place. After fired, to change out the shell just press the sliver lever forward to unlock and eject the shell. It uses its own special 40mm shell. The shells are packed with 36 BB’s. The low BB count allows for greater range.


The GP25 is fitted with lots of details such as a flip up safety to prevent accidental fire.


It is has an adjustable front and rear grenade sights.


Lancer Tactical has also added some great details like elevation markings to add to the realism.


The GP25 also acts as a fore grip. This helps off set the balance of the AEG, after adding the grenade launcher this AEG is simply heavy. The over all AEG preforms great and with the added GP25 you can give you opponents a surprise cloud of BB’s. If you want to try this out for your self hop on over to the rental page and drop a comment in the comment box.


Thanks for reading and remember to sign up for the free AEG raffle.

Field update. AAF has found a 2 spots that look great for airsoft. 2 of them are indoor. So getting approval is tough. Also one is located in Maryland. Stay tuned for field news.

Rental program update. We just added a AK74. Its sick. If you want to rent this AEG hop on over to our rental page and drop a comment in the comment box.

Raffle update. We are at 64. Just 11 away from the half way mark. If you want to enter to win just fill out the contact info and you will be entered. If you have entered before you don’t need to re-enter. After you have entered take a quick minute to fill out a quick survey.

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