The Last Rental


Hello Airsofters, This week Airsoft Action Field is adding its last AEG to the rental program. AAF is going to move its assets towards purchasing a suitable peace of land. In the mean time this will be the last rental. So what is it you ask?  The Classic Army fully licensed FN SCAR.

big scar

The SCAR is a stunning weapon with many user friendly attributes. It not only looks great, it preforms great. It should be noted that the scar comes in many versions, such as a 223 and a 308. It can also come in a short, regular or long/ H-bar version. We are adding the short 223 version to our rental program. So lets get into it.


The scar has many features that make it very versatile and customizable. First up, the flat top rail runs the full length of the AEG to allow for  accessories. The front sight also folds forward and out of the way. This helps for low profile red dots or scopes.


Moving forward, the SCAR is also equipped with side and under mounted rails. This feature is great for additional add on’s like lights, lasers, vertical grips, angled grips, and my favorite 40mm launchers.


The SCAR is very lefty friendly, it is equipped with a ambidextrous mag catch/release.


The selector switch is ambidextrous making it lefty friendly.


The SCAR takes M4 style mags. This is a great feature to those player that already use M4 style AEG’s. As we all know there is a vast variety of M4 style mag options such as standard, mid cap, high cap, box mags, and drum mags.The stock is also fitted with a few user friendly features. The Stock has a optional cheek adjustment to raise or lower the cheek rest.


The stock can also be extended ( three lengths ) to help fit a players  arm length.


In addition to the many features it can also side fold.


Now for the internals. The SCAR right out of the box is a great AEG with many upgrades already pre installed. This AEG shoots 408 out of the box.


The barrel is blue anodized. However I don’t own a set of precision calipers to measure the inner diameter to see if it is actually a precision barrel. The gear box is also pre upgraded. The cylinder is also blue anodized. The corners of the cylinder head are rounded to help prevent gear box cracking.The SCAR hop-up unit is full metal. Total bonus !


Lastly, the body is an all polymer construction. Others versions come with a metal upper receiver. But this version is a little on the lighter side of the weight scale. It has a comfortable light weight feel and a solid feel with no creaking that you would usually see in a plastic body AEG. ( like the G3).


The down falls. The only real down fall is the rear sight, the rear sight is incredible small. Good thing it is removable and or that it flips down. Another down fall is that it did not come in metal but, it is on the lower end of the price scale for SCAR’s.

Over all this AEG preforms great. If you want to try it out just hop on over to the rental page and drop a comment in the comment box.

In other news, A quick shout out to Airsoft Canada. Airsoft Action Field recently seen a spike of reader from our neighbors across the border. Thanks for reading the Airsoft Action Field blog. You guys rock.


Coming up this weekend, our friends over at 911 Airsoft are having a fundraiser game. The face book pages has just over 100 players signed up for the event. Airsoft Action field will be there with some heavy duty weapons. If you want to have a photo op with the 50. cal or the M200 CheyTac stop on over. If you want to sign up for the free AEG we will have the survey. There will be 2 large scale games, with a chow break in the middle. Some of the proceeds will go to disabled vets. So come out and join the battle. If you would like to rent a AEG for the day jump on over to the rental page and drop a comment in the comment box.

Raffle update: We are up to 73 this week. Thanks for all of your support.

Follow us on instragrm @airsoftactionfield for game day pics and sneak peaks of up coming products.

Sign up for the free Lancer tactical AK below then take a quick survey. Your support helps AAF to grow.



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