Game day review Operation “LOST PARADISE 2 ” Retribution

Hello airsofters, This passed week 911 Airsoft hosted their annual fundraiser game “Lost Paradise”. The head count was a chart topping 140 players. We meet lots of players from beginner to regular. The game play was also great with many team based missions. 911 Airsoft also had a raffle and gave away some great prizes. And to top it all off, ” Long dogs” was slinging out tasty eats.


With over 140 players, the game play was medium paced. Many squads/ teams within the main teams ( Sunia/Azual) worked great together to capture objectives, revive one another, and attack/defend objectives. From our perspective both teams did a great job of working together. We also seen a great deal of team work between new players and regular players. This just goes to show how great the the airsoft community is. Of course the as you may know, the winning team was the Sunia (red team). Great job to team Sunia. As for my team Azual, well get them next time.


The Objectives. The game had may mission based objectives witch gave the game a great direction rather than just shooting one another. Another great aspect of the missions as the cause and effect of the completed mission. For example, if one team captured the satellite dish, they would receive extra intel on the opposing teams movement and so forth.

We also meet up with some of our local area teams such as “Consergent, SCAR, and East Coast outlaws”. Consergent also added two new members to their team.

New Team Members


911 Airsoft raffled off $1950 in great prizes. The Prizes ranged from gunbags and pistols to AEG’s and HPA’s. As part of your admission, each player recives a raffle ticket for prizes, a game game patch, and also a food ticket ( wrist band ). The whole event was a win win for players and as a fund raiser.

Lastly 911 invited over Long Dogs to feed the masses. Long Dogs provided ice cold drinks and piping hot food. The hot food was a bonus because the air temp started to droop.

Over all the game play was great. Lots of targets, and lots of medics to keep the game going. The prizes were awesome as well as the food. And at the end of the day 911 Airsoft along with the Airsoft community raised money for a good cause.

Thanks 911 Airsoft ! Thanks Delaware Airsofters !

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Raffle update: We are up to 74 this week. Thanks for all of your support.

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