M200 Review

Hello Airsofters, recently one of our family members was injured and we had to a small break from our weekly post for the last few weeks. This incident has also kept us away from the recent local area games. Airsoft action field would like to thank our readers for understanding.

(we are still chipping away at the flash hider paint to re paint it black)


Now back to business, this week were are taking an in depth look at a rarely seen sniper rifle the M200. We will see if it is battle ready, and worth the price tag. In the end we will see if this is a collectors gun or an awesome players sniper rifle or both.

First, it must be noted that this is the 6MM pro shop version ($600) and not the SOCOM Gear version ($1500). We chose the 6MM pro shop version for a varitey of reasons, Price, “Play ability” and upgrade ability. The 6MM pro shop version seems to be a clone of the ARES M200. As a clone the only detail they left out was the adjustable cheek rest.


Why is the 6MM pro shop version better? The 6MM pro shop version cost less than half of the SOCOM version, also spare mags for the SOCOM version cost about $113 and a set of 5 shells cost about $40 making the 5 extra shots cost almost as much as a  AEG. It should be noted that the 6MM pro shop version only comes with one mag but it holds 100 rounds, 20x more than the SOCOM version. So it for price the 6MM pro shop version took the win. For “Play ability” the 6MM pro shop version weighs in at 17 LBS and the socom version weighs in at 19.8 LBS, actual weight of the M200 is 29 LBS. So the 6MM pro shop wins “Play ability” for its overall light weight, high capacity mag.

For the Upgrade ability category the SOCOM M200 has no upgrade parts so its 300 FPS out of the box is what your stuck with. The 6MM pro shop version has a CO2 conversion kit that makes increases the FPS 50% to 600+. But is that better? Some of my local are fields limit bolt actions at 500 FPS so as a player I couldn’t even use it. So far there is no middle ground for upgrade parts.

Now for the over all review. Out of the box this gun had many slight adjustments that needed to be made before we would even set up a test shot. Now I remind you, these were minor fixes that were made in about 40 mins but for $600 you should not have to make these kind adjustments. So the first of the many minor problems we encountered, the bi-pod placement was off center. An easy fix, we loosened the adjustment screw an used a bubble level to fix it.


Next up, after fixing the bi-pod, we noticed the front rail was now 30 degrees off to the side. This was an easy fix, but it was also time consuming. We loosened the delta ring, carry handle, then straightened it.

Next up the cover plate to the adjustable stock housing popped off, easy fix, we just screwed it back in and also tightened the opposing screw witch was also very loose. My guess was that this particular gun was made at about 8 pm on a friday night and the last one of the day. But it happens and the fixes were easily corrected.


After reading all of that you should know im a real guy trying to hook up my airsoft bro’s with some valuable intel.

Now that it is operational, the feel of this gun is solid. No creeks, or squeaks. The weight is 17 LBS making it a beast. It is equipped with a bi-pod making your shot on a level platform a lot easier. The FPS is 420


The bi-pod is fitted with extendable / retractable legs. This small feature is great for quick deployment, and or a quick evac.


The rear mono pod is not as quick if you have if fully extended. However it does fold away and easily accessible when needed.


The M200 stock has may adjustment points. The many adjustment points make it very user friendly. The stock is easily collapsed by pressing on a small button on the left side of the stock.

The Grip is very ergonomic and comfortable. It is contoured with finger groves and also includes a adjustable hand rest. The over all feel gives the player a realistic sense of being a true sniper. The trigger has a very smooth feeling pull with a crisp break at the end. It has a great real steel feeling to it. It is easily the best trigger I have felt on a airsoft gun.


The bolt pull is great. The stock spring is on the lower side of power but it does have a slight advantage to its m40 or L96 counterparts. It has an extra short pull at 2 inches compaired to 3.5 inch pull of the m40. The short pull is great for fallow up shots by saving you fractions of a second.


The flat top rail is great for optics. We added a duel 45 degree rail for a red dot for close range targets and a ACOG because it has a crisp clear sight picture at a 4X magnification as well as being able to keep sight of the BB during its travel. We also added a carry handle just fill in the space.


The mag hold 100 rounds making it about 4~5 time larger than the average bolt action mag. The large capacity mag means the player wont need to change mags as often thus saving time.


The body of this gun lacks the many details that its competitor has. The details are minor but for a collector these details are important. Personally I like the blank look, I usually get a lot of my guns custom engraved. So for the collectors  that are looking into the 6MM pro shop versus the SOCOM, the SOCOM has all of the trademarks and is extremely accurate in detail.

Lastly the gun comes with its own hard shell case. Now this is a neat feature however the the inner foam is not up to the task. While transporting the gun, the foam quickly ripped in many places. The foam also ripped while simply touched.

We hope that this in-depth look at the M200 is useful to players who are considering buying one.


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