Where do we begin, well for starters we have a bigger better shop, new rentals, and our field is pretty awesome.

First up the new shop. We have outfitted our pole barn into an awesome shop.

We have also added extra rental guns and tactical vests for players that are just starting out.


The shop has also added drinks for our players that get thirsty.

Next up the field. We have a 4 acre playing field that is cleared of trees. Our field contains multiple vehicles from SUV’s and pick up trucks to a small camper and a boat.

Players can hide inside as well as climb on them for cover.BC15A1CB-5104-439A-9D53-FC81CDB623FB

The cleared field gives players the ability to start battling within minutes. It also allows players to throw grenades farther. For players that like to ambush or snipe the camper and boat have a high elevation for long range shots.B652F153-9BFF-49C9-8CC1-407C584609B2

So what does it cost to play? Friday night games start from 5pm-9pm and cost $15. Saturday games are $20 and run from 9am-2pm. 0B42FE66-223D-424A-9288-759495EDB6A8We will have more updates and airsoft related news coming soon. For up to the minute updates find us on facebook and Instagram at Airsoft Action Field. 11289400-3597-4BCE-87E9-B6F216A9FC1C

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