Update for 19 -25 AUG 2019

What’s up airsofters, just a quick up date for this week. We will have a game this Friday and Saturday. we also have a game planed for 31 August 2019. We also have added mortars to the game play and our bar area is getting finished up. We are steady adding tables and lights to the bar to bring more realism to AAF. So lace up your boots fill up your mags and come play at airsoft action field. hope to see you there.8B6236B4-FD62-4C89-B94F-D498C458D969

Weekly update for the week of 5-11 AUG 2019

Last week we upgraded and rearranged our field. We will be be adding new features weekly. This week we have the Friday night game 5pm-9pm and also the youth game on Saturday 9am-2pm. Hope to see you there. For more info see our fb page. Here are some pics of our progress. 34AECBC8-DA0D-4F94-9C88-B897D279BBDC