Closed for this week.

Good morning airsofters, we will be closed Friday and Saturday. Remember to get Black Friday deals on airsoft from our partners at Valken airsoft and evike then come play at airsoft Action field. Enjoy your thanksgiving! Hope to see you soon.6881D0FF-6DEF-4DA3-B204-8D1356FA8841


The first ever battle of the badges! Ocean city police VS DOC. Come on out to the battle of the badges and represent your department. This battle will be a night fire airsoft game ( 1700-2100) Bring your flash lights and night vision goggles if you have them. Admission is $15 (cash only) and includes rental gun, eye pro, and pizza. If you are not a ocean city police or DOC you will be assigned to a team based on balanced numbers. ( even out the teams) date, 21 NOV 2019 time: 5-9pm Location: 23735 French RD. Georgetown DE 19947.


Update for this week of 11-17th of November.

Whats up airsofters, this week we have added the ground work for what will become a bbq area. We have a long way to go but it’s coming.

Next up, we say good buy to the Cherokee. It was a great item to have on the field but we have traded it in for some thing even better. E90BA786-A466-4283-8D9F-5761E64F17B8

Next up we upgraded the bar area, the wind had destroyed the fence a few times and it also destroyed the entrance. We fixed and fortified the fence and we also added a new counter top to the bar.

This week we’ll be open Friday night 5-9pm for the weekly night game. As long as the weather is not raining we should have a great night game. So bring your night vision, flash lights and tracer units. If you need tracer ammo we sell them in .2 and .25.

We will also be open Saturday morning from 9am-2pm. For new players with no guns we rent many AEG’s. We hope to see you this weekend. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram for up to the minute info.

Night game for Friday November 8, 2019

Hey airsoft players this week we are back to work and we will be open Friday night 5-9 for the night game. It’s going to be very cold so wear extra layers. Also we have tracer rounds if you run out.

Next up, we will be closed Saturday. Sorry folks, we will be looking into getting some extra help so that we can be open more days of the week.

Hope to see you here!