Quick update for this week 06-12 oct-2019

Hey airsofters, first up big thanks to the players that came out this last weekend. The buss was an awesome addition to the field.


Next up this week we will only be open this coming Friday. We will be closed this Saturday 12 OCT 2019.


Next up we also have left over prizes for players this Friday.


We have added some lights to the field for the night games. Daylight savings times is coming so get your tracer rounds ready and charge up your night vision bc night games are going to get darker earlier! For up to the minute updates go to our face book page. We also have tons of picks from our games on facebook as well as instagram. Hope to see you there!

Quick update!

Good news airsofters! The weather looks good for this week! We will be open this week

Friday night 5pm-9pm and 

Saturday 5pm-9pm 

Both days $15 admission! So charge up your batteries, lace up your boots and fill your mags. Come on out to play some airsoft at airsoft action field. D9222848-96A2-4C72-8E79-B096C473B1A3

Update for week of 02 SEP-08 SEP 2019

Big thanks to all the players that came out for some great airsoft games. We have lots of pics and videos from this weekend, jump on over to Instagram @airsoftactionfield for all of the videos and pics. 26CE3463-194F-4953-857D-231645B355D0.jpegNext up this weeks weather looks like rain for both Friday and Saturday. So for now we are closed. If the weather changes we will open. Go to our face book page for up to the minute updates and the status of the field. Send us a message on Facebook if you are not sure and we will respond ASAP. Thanks every one and we hope to see you soon.499A40BA-2B10-4D3A-A66B-8C919BBCDC44.jpeg

Update for 19 -25 AUG 2019

What’s up airsofters, just a quick up date for this week. We will have a game this Friday and Saturday. we also have a game planed for 31 August 2019. We also have added mortars to the game play and our bar area is getting finished up. We are steady adding tables and lights to the bar to bring more realism to AAF. So lace up your boots fill up your mags and come play at airsoft action field. hope to see you there.8B6236B4-FD62-4C89-B94F-D498C458D969

Weekly update for the week of 5-11 AUG 2019

Last week we upgraded and rearranged our field. We will be be adding new features weekly. This week we have the Friday night game 5pm-9pm and also the youth game on Saturday 9am-2pm. Hope to see you there. For more info see our fb page. Here are some pics of our progress. 34AECBC8-DA0D-4F94-9C88-B897D279BBDC




Quick update, for AUG 02-03, 2019

Hey airsofters, just a quick update for this coming weekend. Sorry for the delay but we will be closed this weekend. We have had some delays the past few weeks. We will be working this weekend to update the field. We will have more updates as we move along. Until then, have a great summer and we hope to see you soon. 7288669D-B413-4DC0-AB60-D7015F291399

Quick update 01 JUL 2019 – 07 JUL 2019

Hey Airsofters we hope you are having a great summer. First up, this week is 4th of July weekend, so happy birthday AMERICA! bird

With that said we will not have a game this Friday and Saturday ( July 5-6th). The weather looks pretty bad. We should be open again for the weekend of July 12-13 if all goes well. Fallow us on face book and we hope to see you on the 12th and 13th.


Where do we begin, well for starters we have a bigger better shop, new rentals, and our field is pretty awesome.

First up the new shop. We have outfitted our pole barn into an awesome shop.

We have also added extra rental guns and tactical vests for players that are just starting out.


The shop has also added drinks for our players that get thirsty.

Next up the field. We have a 4 acre playing field that is cleared of trees. Our field contains multiple vehicles from SUV’s and pick up trucks to a small camper and a boat.

Players can hide inside as well as climb on them for cover.BC15A1CB-5104-439A-9D53-FC81CDB623FB

The cleared field gives players the ability to start battling within minutes. It also allows players to throw grenades farther. For players that like to ambush or snipe the camper and boat have a high elevation for long range shots.B652F153-9BFF-49C9-8CC1-407C584609B2

So what does it cost to play? Friday night games start from 5pm-9pm and cost $15. Saturday games are $20 and run from 9am-2pm. 0B42FE66-223D-424A-9288-759495EDB6A8We will have more updates and airsoft related news coming soon. For up to the minute updates find us on facebook and Instagram at Airsoft Action Field. 11289400-3597-4BCE-87E9-B6F216A9FC1C