Rental Program


Hello Airsofters, Airsoft Action Field is your #1 source for rental guns. This page is your guide to the many AEG’s and Rifles we have to rent. This is also the best place for a first time airsofter to try before they buy. If you want to rent one of our AEG just drop a comment in the comment box at the bottom of the page. Please include your name and model and we will contact you ASAP for pick.

First up we have the M249, $25. The M249 offers players the ability to lay out cover fire for a continuous amount of time with its 2500 round auto feeding box mag. The m249 also accepts M4 mags in case you run out and need help from another teammate. Package includes AEG, box mag, battery, goggles/face mask and sling.


Up next we have the M4, $15.  This American classic is a great first time players choice. This AEG fits most players as a mid size gun. The stock allows shorter or taller players the ability to adjust it to the right length. The M4 platform is one of the most popular as well and very user friendly. Package includes 3-high cap mags, 1-battery, goggles/ face mask and AEG,


Up next we have the  UAR, $15.  This is a Bull pup style AEG that is light weight and compact. This all polymer weapon weighs in at 5 lbs. and has a quad rail system to attach accessories, grips, and sights. Package includes 2-high cap mags, 1-battery, and AEG.


Up next we have the M40 ,$10. The M40 is the basic sniper rifle of choice. This widly used platform has many options for upgrades and after market parts. Its like the M4 of sniper rifles. It features an adjustable stock that is simple and makes the rifle user friendly. It also features an external hop up adjustment lever for quick corrections and adjustments. It has an amazing spring that shoots at 450 FPS. Lastly the 50mm scope provides a great view of the target area. Package includes Rifle, bipod, scope, and 3 mags.


The AK 74/ GP-25 $15. This AK 74 is equipped with the GP-25 grenade launcher. This AEG carries a 600 round high cap that is backed up by 412 FPS. The GP-25 is a compact gas grenade launcher, it delivers a 36 rounds in a single shot. If you are looking to try airsoft and want a little more than the usual M4 then this is the AEG for you. Package includes AEG, 1 high cap mag, 1 GP-25, 1 GP-25 grenade, and  battery.

Lastly we have tactical vest for rent $5. This vest can hold up to 6 M4 high cap mags, and or thunder B grenades. One size fits most.65BDCA97-925F-4F9F-B0DA-0AE99528423AWe will be adding a wide verity of rentals soon. We will be adding pistol, shot guns and more equipment as well


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