Shop pics and product updates


Hello airsofters Airsoft Action Field is happy to bring top notch airsoft products to Sussex county. Hop on over to our rental Page if you want to rent a AEG for your next game day.

We are open:

Friday 5pm-9pm

Saturday 9am-2pm

( fallow is on Facebook for store closings due to weather or construction )

We carry many great AEG’s

We currently carry .20 and .25 as well as tracers rounds.

Thunder B grenades as well as mini Enola Gay smoke grenades3AE00B37-884F-4EF2-AEE4-FA9494A7FA34

2 thoughts on “Shop pics and product updates

    1. YES SIR! Unfortunately this is our old web site and we will be taking it down soon. So go to our Facebook page, that is where we post all of our updates and game days. You can also messages us direct for faster information. The new web site is coming soon. Hope to see you soon.


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